WBW 22: Lite (alcohol) Reds

Last WBW I took part in was no. 19 … where does the time go? However I couldn’t leave this WBW 22 organized by Wine Cast pass by.Just back from the Alsace, we had the opportunity not only to try out a lot (!) of whites, but also some different reds. I am a convinced New World wine lover, despite having a constant supply of French and Spanish wines next door … so I am used to the overpowering, personality reds.

Yet Alsace helped me discover some lighter, more summerish reds which we now enjoy with the ‘summer in the city’. And trust me Brussels, although known for its constant rain, can get incredibly hot.

Yet you’d think with all my talk about Alsace and the Route des Vins in Alsace, I’ll be talking about a red Alsace wine. Wrong. To bring some spice to the WBW 22 I decided to take a closer look at all the wines we have and the latest tastings we have been too.

And lo and behold, I came across a more exotic and different, light, alcoholic red. Let me introduce the Pinot Noir, Valea Calugareasca, 2000. A Romanian wine, it seems very popular and usually highly ranked at different wine fairs. To fulfill the requirements of this WBW 22, this wine is only 11.5% so indeed very light. Produced by ICDVV Valea Calugareasca, I understand the wine holds its own DOC Dealu Mare.

A favorite amongst the Romanian wines we have, this Pinot Noir was indeed a pleasant discovery. Despite being a light red, it holds its own ground, with berry and spicy notes, and well integrated tannins. The wine could develop its potential in 2-4 years. From the food we tried, best with white meat and light pasta dishes. Just perfect for the summer days ahead.

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