Weekend Herb Blogging – Coriander

Living in Brussels for what will be soon 10 years, I learned one thing: the all time favorite topic of conversation all year round is the weather. So I could either bore you with recounts on the good weather we had, or go straight to food.

Guess I’ll start with the weather first: well it has been hot. Then it got hotter. Then we reached an all time high of 35 degrees Celsius. And the next day temperatures dropped at 15 degrees Celsius. You wonder who stays sane in such an environment. But the sun is now out again, and it seems it is all ok.

Back to food, it had to match the weather. There were fruit, there were cold soups, there were salads and many more dishes. Then it got cold and we moved back to warm food. Then it got hot again, and woops, back to dips and vegetables.

One such dip, which I learned from the source (more on that later) is tzatziki. A Greek dish I know for a while, it got a different meaning when my Greek friend saw me preparing it. Since then tzatzikis have never been the same. I love this dip. It is refreshing, it is light, usually loved by everyone and a fantastic summer starter. And bet of all incredibly easy and fast to make.

Of course with years I adapted the original Greek recipe and took out the cucumber (not big fan of cucumbers). Instead I kept the yoghurt (light) and the garlic (a lot). But rather than convince you it tasted great, I’ll let you try it. Extra added bonus: it fits with the Weekend Herb Blogging over at Kalyn’s Kitchen as well, thanks to the coriander.

Tzatziki Dip

250gr Greek style yoghurt (or light yoghurt)
2 cloves mashed garlic

Mix. Add some lemon juice. Serve.

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