Gazpacho … Ole!

Everyone I know loves Gazpacho. Everyone I know also has a different ‘personal’ Gazpacho recipe. Thus, not disappointing anyone, I came up with my own summer Gazpacho recipe. For those of you in the dark (although I doubt there is anyone left not knowing Gazpacho), Gazpacho is a cold tomato soup, hailing all the way from sunny Spain. Depending on the temperatures outside, the soup can be served at room temperature or right from the fridge … I have though seen it served with ice cubes as well.

When it gets this hot, I rarely spend time in kitchen. Although, ironically, it is the coolest room in my apartment. Yet I prefer spending the lazy summer days on a terrace sipping a cold beer or a cold glass of wine. And when I do get hungry I tend to keep it simple.

With loads of tomatoes in the house, why not use them then by making Gazpacho? One indispensable kitchen utensil you will cherish: a food processor.

The ingredients are personal favorites. Of course 4 – 6 ripe tomatoes, and then let your imagination go wild. Ideally you’ll choose some solid vegetables as well to give the soup texture. I opted for zucchinis. The rest is a matter of taste, as some like it spicy, some like it hot, others herby.

4 – 6 tomatoes, peeled and chopped. A good trick: boil some water, pour it over the tomatoes, and leave for 3min. Then pour cold water over the tomatoes, and peel.
4 – 6 small zucchinis, roughly chopped, and boiled till soft.
Herbs: basil, parsley, etc
Spices: salt and pepper (ideally ground pepper and a lot of it), hot sauce etc

As the recipe is all about personal tastes, I know some use cream as well to make it thicker … up to you. Whisk it all. Place in the fridge till cold. Enjoy in the sun.

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