Sicilian Pepato

There is so much to write (and taste) about cheese. And although I really LOVE cheese, I am not an expert on cheese. Yet. At the moment I am just happy trying out cheese and deciding which wine goes with which cheese – to eventually find my all time favorite combinations.I live in Belgium. North of France, south of the Netherlands. Countries where cheese, of one type or another, have supremacy. A task ahead would be to try out a different cheese every day and I am pretty sure I’ll have enough cheese to go on for a whole year.

However I am not sure I will take this approach yet. As a first step I decided that every time I buy cheese, I should buy one I don’t know about. There is always the theory. The cheese platter, the cheese – wine combination, the cheese tasting. However I much prefer the practice. I like discovering cheese on its own, and then decide on it without external influences.

One of the best advice I received on cheese and wine, was ‘what you like best is the right combination’. With modern times, came a modern approach to cheese and wine as well. Combinations are endless, as Camembert is nicely paired with a Beaujolais, while Parmesan and Champagne bring a surprisingly delicious mix.

Sicilian Pepato (pepper Pecorino) is not a newly discovered cheese. But one of my favorite Italian cheese. Made out of sheep milk, Pecorino is one of the oldest cheese produced in Sicily, and to the pride of Sicilians, mentioned even by Homer in his Odyssey. Italians suggest you should serve this cheese with a dab of honey or very ripe pears. Next time I will try just that. We had it simply with a nutty ciabatta, radishes and a Quinta Sa de Baixo Douro 2003 red Portuguese wine. And it made for a very nice Sunday snack.

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  • Nico

    I absolutely love this cheese too. On my last trip to Rimini, I bought some awesome pecorino that was ripened in grape leaves, and some really nice salame on the local market.

  • midnitebara

    thank for dropping by my food blog. I will add you to my links too.

    I love to try different kinds of cheese too but we only have a few kinds here. Mostly its processed cheese and some. Some stores have mozzarella and a few other kinds but they are very costly. My favorite as of now is camembert. Easy to find here,too. Thaks for the tip about camembert and beaujolais. That wine is quite popular here in Akita.

  • Genotzarr

    I totally hate cheese! It’s more than hate actually, it’s a complete incompatibility. According to my Mom, it comes from the fact that she ate cheese every day during her pregnancy, after having read somewhere that it was good for the baby. Isn’it funny to dicover a logical reason for one’s stubburn dislike for particular food?
    I can only stand the Mozarella and the like, because it tastes and smells nearly nothing, and it produces a funny squeeking sound under when bit.

  • André

    I also like cheese very much !
    Once I tried to eat cheese (french ones of course 😉 with a glas of port ! It was wonderful !

  • Nabeel

    it’s always nice to see cheese from different counties

  • Nadia

    I love your philosphy – what you like is the right combo! you can check out my blog if you want more guidelines or ideas.

  • Anonymous

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