Forza Italia!

At the moment football is king! Everyone I know and everything I know is turning around football. There is the lighthearted office banter (I happen to work in a very internationally football representative institution). The short working days to catch the games planned at 5:00pm. The cheer and sadness that goes with great football. The beer and food that goes with the weather.

In order to celebrate the Italian game in style – very Italian of us – I decided to try the whole football/ food association. With the heat in Brussels, cooking pasta was not what I had in mind. Rather plenty of mixed antipasti. Easily done, with an Italian trattoria just down the street.

But to complete the Italian preparation for the World Cup, I made some bruschettas as well. The tastiest thing in the world. I somehow always forget they are so easy to prepare, so tasty and such a crowd pleaser. The variations can be endless. The classic bruschetta is toasted bread (I usually use baguettes), rubbed with fresh garlic and a drizzle of olive oil. The topping variations of your bruschettas can be sun dried tomatoes, slightly grilled mozzarella, roasted peppers, and I bet anchovies would be heaven as well.

Forza Italia indeed.

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