Quiche and Fish

All of a sudden we are bang right in the BBQ season. We barely got used to the sun, the heat, the SPF factor … and it’s already full on BBQ. Our schedules are getting booked with the after work BBQ, the Saturday afternoon BBQ, oh and what about a Sunday lunch BBQ? After so many BBQ (and this is just the first weekend in many to follow) one needs a break from the meat, so hello fish. I know you can barbeque fish as well, but alas the people I know are dedicated meat eaters.

Taking a break from the BBQ, the charcoal and the meat I decided to go ahead and make a smoked salmon and cheese quiche. Very refined cuisine after so many BBQ if you ask me.

I love making quiches. Not only do they look fantastic, they are such a great source of imagination and inspiration. The combinations are endless and everyone enjoys a good old quiche.

The one I made this weekend was a simple yet truly beautiful combination of spinach base, smoked salmon and cheese mixture served with a crisp rucola salad.
For this fast quiche dish I used:
– puff pastry as base
– a spinach, onion and cream base
– mixture of smoked salmon, chunks of Danish white cheese and 4 eggs, all mixed together.
Pour the whole on the pastry base, and in the oven for 20min.

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