European Road Trip

2 weeks, 2000km, 5 countries, 3 wine tastings, endless restaurants, and … we are back in Brussels, exhausted and ready for our next holiday. But with such a great holiday just a couple of days back now it is time to sit back and take it all in.

Everyone loves holidays. I am quite flexible, in the sense I love the sit-on-the-beach-do-nothing holiday just as much as I do the full-on-visit-and-experience holiday. Still need to get my fair share of sun and sea this year, but for the moment let’s say that visiting Central Europe has kept us more than busy. Austria, Hungary and Germany were part of the trip with longer stops in Romania and the UK. We ate and drunk our way through these countries, discovering unusual food, fantastic wines, and probably gaining a few kg. But then again who could resist Gerbeaud and its fabulous cakes in the heart of Budapest? The rendezvous with the scale is planned for next week.

Back to work, back to reality, back to an empty fridge, I will first go through the road trip experiences and the one or the other foodie delight. Time will come to start cooking and sharing recipes again, whilst in the mean time I think the Belgian Beer needs some tlc. Just as much as I am longing to go to a local restaurant, that is before the above mentioned rendezvous with the scale and the inevitable diet ahead.

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