European Road Trip – Romanian Mici

I can easily say we are still recovering from our European road trip. Although we are now more at the stage of sorting out the photos. Getting back to the routine (metro-boulot-dodo as they say), blogging, cooking and the like are again given the attention they deserve. Here is one of my first finds I want to share with you: the Romanian Mici (or as they are also known as, Mititei). I love eating Mici. We associate them with BBQ, or with winter and apres-ski food.

Then the Hairy Bikers discovered the Mici on their Romanian road trip and since then they have been a hit with everyone I know. Every country has heir own version of Mici, I am sure of that. Basically they are minced meat rolls, served with mustard and bread. Simply delicious.

You can read the TV-version of the Mici on the BBC Food website, however the original way of preparing them is:1kg minced meat (a mixture of meats)
1 glass beef stock
salt, pepper, thyme
1tbsp bicarbonate
Combine all the ingredients, knead together and season according to taste. Divide the mixture into small rolls of meat. Grill. Serve with mustard and bread.

Photo courtesy of Vulpea Bucatar

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