European Road Trip: Romanian Wines

On our European Road Trip we had the chance to try out local cuisines in 4 different countries. The same applied to the wines. We went to Romanian wine tastings, to Hungarian wine tastings and ended up buying a small cellar worth of wine. So all in all a very good trip. A lot of interesting experiences and we learned yet some more about different wine regions and different wines.I will not go into the details of Romanian wines. What we were more impressed with was the actual retailing of wine. Besides your wine shops offering an amazing choice of local wines, we discovered more ‘basic’ wine shops.

As pictured above, wine was sold directly from the barrel by the 1/2liter or by 1liter. Usually 6 different wines on display we had the chance to taste them and then decide which ones to go for. First time I came across such an elementary tasting. It gives you the feeling of buying from the producer directly without going through the usual marketing packaging.

One of the drawbacks of this type of retailing is however the packaging. As wine is sold in plastic bottles by the 1/2liter or by the 1liter, once open you have to get on with it and drink it all. And that’s a lot of wine!

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