Fiesta Latina in Brussels

Last weekend Brussels was all about the Fiesta Latina. Held on Place Chatelaine, it is a regular event every year. Starting Saturday morning and ending Sunday night, the Fiesta Latina takes you through the music, the food, the crafts and the dancing of Latin countries.

A crazy atmosphere which lasts two days almost giving you the feeling you have been to South America for a short break. After an endless number cocktails – for once the weekend did not focus on wine tastings – we finally got hungry and decided to try out exotic delicacies. Of course there were plenty paellas to chose from. We tried the classic ones, and then the Ecuador paella, the Venezuela paella skipping the Mexican paella.

After fish we moved on to meat. I doubt I have ever seen such a display of BBQ meat! Besides the pig’s head (which was a shock indeed) there were ribs and more ribs. Delicious. I guess with the Latin music in the back, the overall thrill of a night out made the meat taste even better. Perhaps the Mojito’s helped as well, I don’t know.

To end the Fiesta Latina food (marathon?), we tried out the Spanish churros. Like this we managed to cover the salty and the sweet, the cocktails and the dance. A must for next year as well, same time, same place, same Fiesta Latina.

Mojito Recipe
1tbsp brown sugar
1 lime (juice only)
mint leaves
Havana Club Rum
Tonic Water (Club Soda) … all you have ot do is mix, shake, shake, shake, serve over crushed ice.


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