European Road Trip: Hungarian Wines

On our European Road Trip we also stopped in Hungary. Actually this is an over-statement. We only stopped in Budapest. A gorgeous city which is definitely worth a visit.

Hungary is known for its cuisine. And then of course for the Tokay and the Bull’s Blood. What we didn’t expect was to come across a Hungarian wine tasting which took us through all the wines and wine regions of Hungary. The tasting was organized in the historical center of Budapest, a beautiful combination of history and great Hungarian wines.

The choice of wines was overwhelming. Hungary grows and produces 15 different grape varieties, some known, some less so. The tasting was very well organized, offering us the possibility not only to discover the wines, but also learn more about the regions where the vines are grown. New grapes we learned about were the Furmint (used for the Tokay), the Zöld Veltelini (or Green Veltliner, native in Austria as well), the Kadarka (used to produce the Bull’s Blood wine), or the Kékfrankos (Blaufrankisch) which I was very pleased to discover in the Hungarian production. Hungarian wine producers managed to beautifully combine native, local grown Hungarian grapes with the better known imported ones.

For such a small country, it was surprising to see how many wine producing regions there are. A considerable number of them are located around the Balaton lake. The Kunság and Mátraalja regions are the largest wine producing regions, with the Tokay region coming in third.

All this information, all the wines tried, Hungary was indeed surprising. Being at the end of our European Road Trip, it was good to discover a well kept secret: Hungarian wines. Which now lay nicely next to our Romanian wines.

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