Bruxellensis Festival

September. Autumn starts, foods change, and everywhere you look there are new foodie events. Now more than ever cooking courses and wine courses are the hype. Whilst in previous years people were looking for art classes, photography, or your occasional book club, now it is all about food and wine. Brussels, less so than other major capitals, offers its fair share of cooking and wine courses. Speed cooking? Check. Wine tastings? Check. Food and wine? Check.

Then there are the food, wine and beer festivals. A cheese festival one weekend, a beer festival the other, waiting for the wine event of the year.

The last beer festival we went to was Bruxellensis. A must for every real Belgian Beer lover. The concept of Bruxellensis is to make smaller, artisan breweries known . The main aim of Bruxellensis (as stated on their website) is to support ‘those who have turned their back to the easy commercial gain’, and thus produce lesser known, specialized beers. You can read more on the beer tried at Bruxellensis here. Now it is time to get back to … food.

Besides the beer, and to the delight of the many beer drinkers, is the food at Bruxellensis. Unlike other festivals, Bruxellensis encourages home made produce and food. Every year, I know I can count on the ‘home-made’ quiche stand. A delight to the eye and taste buds. I rarely get to see so many delicious, tempting quiches in one place, at one time. I always end up trying a new quiche, and (shhh, don’t say it) ‘steal’ some more ideas for my own quiches.

With every new quiche, the basics stay the same. The filling though makes all the difference.

Some of my favorite new ones:

Quiche zucchini-tomatoes
Cut 1 onion, 1 tomato and 1 zucchini into small pieces. Sauté the vegetables. Beat 4 eggs and 1dl milk together, add vegetables. Pour egg mixture over quiche base. Cook for 30min.

Quiche asparagus – salmon
Boil the peeled asparagus for 5min. Cut asparagus and salmon into thin strips. Beat 2 eggs and 30cl cream together. Place asparagus and salmon on the quiche base. Pour egg mixture over and cook for 40min.

Quiche bacon – basil
Cube 150gr bacon and 100gr cheese. Mix, add dry basil and place on the quiche base. Beat 3 eggs, 20cl cream and 1tbsp mustard together. Pour egg mixture over bacon and cheese. Cook for 30min. Add fresh basil when cooked.
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