Cucumber and Mint Soup

I am not a big fan of cucumbers. Odd, as they are mostly made out of water. Yet I never liked them too much. The only exception I make is when cucumbers are used in tzatzikis. Otherwise, me and cucumbers are not the best of friends. Thus I don’t blame you if you’ll wonder why I chose to make a cucumber and mint soup.Brussels was hit by the heat. The summer we didn’t have in August decided to come along in September. After days of rain and cold, suddenly temperatures rose to 30 degrees C. September was our Indian Summer 2006.

With the heat, my desire for stodgy warm food shrunk, it was hello refreshing, cold food. Soups are amongst the easiest no-fuss foods. And as the gazpacho was a success, I decided to go down the route of cold soups and try out something different. Like a cucumber and mint soup. I can tell you it was refreshing. And very cucumberish. So if you are into cucumbers, this is most definitely a winning recipe (courtesy of BBC Food).

½ cucumber
150gr Greek yoghurt
1tbsp chopped mint
crushed ice, salt and pepper

Whiz together in a blender. Season, and serve with bread and greens on the side.

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