Aglio e Olio

When did the time pass by? Already October, done a move, went abroad, back in Brussels, preparing new culinary adventures in the autumn.

I wasn’t sure if Aglio e Olio should be classified under Restaurants or Wine Bars. But I’ll go ahead here, and just make sure I’ll give the wine the attention it deserves.

The story so far
I recently moved. Before I used to live in Ixelles, a part of Brussels I just love. Usually buzzing with young people, it is a constant source of new restaurants. Such as the recently opened Aglio e Olio. How did we come across it? Imagine a rainy Brussels evening, us hungry, rushing home, realizing there is no cooking with no food, so the first restaurant we saw we went in.

First impressions
Italian trattoria style restaurant, perhaps (at that stage) not as busy as I would have liked it to be. Tables, wine, smell of good food, wine everywhere you look – what more could you ask for?

The food (and the wine)
The food is mainly Italian. A little of this, a little of that. Antipasti, pasta, meat and fish. Deserts (tiramisu anyone?). Everything inviting and sounding so delicious. The wine list: endless, as the restaurant also claims to be a ‘enoteca’, wine bar. Wine can be bought by the glass or bottle, and the choice goes through the better known Italian wines as well as some interesting surprises. Both food and wine are just a little bit overpriced, for what tries to be a low key trattoria and not fancy Italian restaurant. But leaving the antipasti out, a decently priced meal with a bottle of wine for two came to 60euro. Granted, we did opt for the truffle lasagna …

Service with a smile
Si, si, si. Combine Italians with a newly opened place and you get extra service and attention. A very friendly waiter/ owner made sure to explain us the food, the wine list in broken French, and so much Italian.

The verdict
I would not go as far as to say ‘a must’, but if I’ll be in the neighborhood (which I hope will happen soon) I might go there again. A comfortable local, and a very friendly place.

Aglio e Olio

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