… and it’s cold again. No matter what I try, comfort food, red full bodied wines or the occasional weekend trip south, it stays cold. Winter is coming and there is nothing I can do about it. Well, except go out and try new restaurants which cook for me! I guess that is for me and everyone else.

The story so far
Do I need to repeat the closeness I have to the St. Boniface area? I think not. Although I am starting to think this closeness is very much linked to proximity. Of course the constant source of restaurants in the area is helping as well. Thus I continue my weekly discovery of new restaurants around St. Boniface.

This time Hana was up, a new Korean-Japanese place I haven’t noticed before. The explanation is of course that it only recently opened. A breath of fresh air amongst the established oldies.

First impressions
Just what you would expect. Clean and clear lines, Japanese influence and a view on the kitchen. The restaurant is quiet at lunch time and I am sure the whole zen like atmosphere is inducing calm.

The food
The menus are somewhat puzzling, but help is on hand. Discovering the occasional French word I ordered a one egg noodle dish with spicy beef. On the house, we also received a soup to start with. The dishes are all beautiful in their simplicity and the chef took his time to explain us the ingredients and the different sauces. I hope that will continue, as usually chefs tend to be very enthusiastic at the beginning and then you never see them again…

We skipped dessert but had tea, tea and more tea as again, tea is complementary at lunch time. Lunch came to 15euro a person, a little expensive but worth the money once in a while.

Service with a smile
Very much so, although a little shy. Probably that has changed in the meantime as more customers go to Hana and they get used to the whole St. Boniface busy vibe.

The verdict
Given that Korean-Japanese combinations are quite unusual I would like to go to Hana again. I liked the feel of this restaurant, as well as the food. The menu also offers variations and combinations I am not familiar with, so definitely another try for another lunch.

Hana: Rue Saint-Boniface 21, 1050 Bruxelles, Tel: +32 2 502 52 41

disclaimer – cover photo from Hana website 

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