Cheese on Place Chatelaine

If you like goat’s cheese then I suggest you go to the Place Chatelaine market on Wednesdays. When I go there, one stand I always stop at is that of Andre Gennens. A bio cheese producer, he always has new types of cheese available – next to the winning formula of traditional ones. He will make you try the cheese first and I can guarantee you can not leave without buying at least a little slice of one cheese. Last time there I bought (yet again) a Brie aux herbes de Provence (which means very much Brie with Provence spices). That together with his Brie aux poivre rouge (Brie with red pepper) are my favorites. Together with a traditional baguette, and a glass of Porto you have the perfect cheese/wine combination – and a winning combination on top of that.

As it gets colder, I will also soon start to skip the regular visit to the Place Chatelaine market on Wednesday as I am preparing to fully take advantage of the Christmas markets. Too soon you say? Well my new commune starts its Christmas market in two weeks. And if last years Christmas market was any indication, then the main Christmas market this year will be a success … again.

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