Cooking Courses in Brussels – Help!

When did food and cooking become so fashionable? I don’t mean the Delia Smith or Martha Stewart fashionable (and by this I don’t count the reinvented post-you-know-what Martha). I mean the cooking craze. Cooking books, cooking shows, cooking and science, cooking courses, even food blogs. It all seems to have happened at once. Everywhere I look there is a new cooking book, another food blog I discover, another restaurant opened with a different take on food (I wonder how many takes there are?), another cooking school.

I know Brussels is not hip and trendy London, fashionable Paris or uber-cool Berlin. It is a small European capital, granted, hosting all of Europe. Yet when it comes to food Belgium is right there at the top. It so happens that Belgium has the highest rate of Michelin star restaurants per capita (91 restaurants were awarded the Michelin star in 2006 alone!).The food scene was naturally followed by the cooking and tasting scene. Cooking and wine tasting courses pop up every day. It has become such an ‘in’ thing, that Brussels hosts its baby showers, birthday parties, leaving do’s, even stag nights, around a cooking course or a private wine tasting.

Not one to go against trends, I am there at cooking courses, wine tastings, organizing my own wine tasting in a couple of weeks. Plus if you can’t beat them, join them. This is why I decided to take a closer look at the cooking courses and wine courses available in Brussels.

Here is where you come in. With your help I would like to establish a continuous list of these. I know a couple, which I am going to list below. There are plenty more hidden gems though which are waiting to be discovered. So please help me establish a (comprehensive) list of cooking courses and wine courses in Brussels. Thank you and Merci!

Rue de Praetere 14
1050 Brussels
0477/927 411

Agastache & Tonka
Rue Royale 290
1210 Brussels
02/217 08 02

Eric Chisvert
Ave Louise 130B
1000 Brussels

Cook Dating (?)
Galerie de la Reine 7
1000 Brussels
0477/740 784

Ave. Brugmann 42
1190 Brussels

Chausse de Charleroi 20
1060 Brussels
02/534 23 40

Ave. M. Maeterlinck 2
1030 Brussels
0475/204 600

Ch. de Forest 62
1060 Brussels
0495/225 766

La Tsampa (vegetarian)
Rue du Livourne 109
1050 Brussels
02/647 03 67

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