Slightly … famous

Ah, life is good sometimes.

Today I will have to skip the usual food and wine talk, and resume to sharing this with you : I saw my blog in print. It was as unexpected as … well, as ever being mentioned in print in a (real) magazine.

Yet it is true and I am giddy ever since. Although oblivious to the fact it actually happened, I was pointed by a colleague in the right direction. This being the direction of The Bulletin, the number one reference weekly magazine for expats (or English speaking people) in Belgium.

 I read The Bulletin throughout college, everyone I know is (occasionally) reading it … and I am IN IT! Maybe that’s a little bit of an exaggeration. I as such am not in it, but my blogs are. First my Brussels Daily Photo blog is mentioned, and then this very food blog. I know, I know. Small step for humanity but huge step for me. The text reads ‘Glorious Food and Wine is another expat’s blog, this time with a focus on cooking and eating out in the capital of Europe.’ (click on the photo below to see the text in print).

So I will continue being giddy for a while now, till the ‘fame’ wears off and I go back to cooking, drinking wine, selecting Belgian beers and going out to restaurants. Where by the way I doubt anyone will recognize me … but my blogs have been mentioned in print, and I’ll drink to that!

I want to welcome though any readers who might have stumbled across this blog after reading The Bulletin. Glorious Food and Wine was started in October 2006 after I read a very interesting article in The Observer on the food blogging scene (I have to admit till last year the notion of blog was foreign to me …).

Since then I share my time between my real Brussels life and the virtual one, of writing this blog. Living in Brussels for quite a while and with a passion for both food and wine I thought I’ll give it a try and put it all in writing.

The blog has several parts, on food, trips abroad and/or your odd recipe. Then of course I had to write on Belgian Beers. Living in Belgium, beer deserved a page on its own. Given my love for wine, I also write sometimes on wines. Mostly on wine bars in Brussels but wines I try and wine courses as well.

What is missing? Of course. The restaurants. Belgium is one of the countries with the highest number of restaurants and eating out is both a pleasure and a continuous challenge. Some reviews can be read on my Restaurants page.

Welcome, and bon appetite! And just in case you wonder if you’ll ever remember this url or blog, you can read this blog under as well. A lot easier to remember, isn’t it?

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