Goats Cheese at La Tourelle

I am blaming the BBC and my monthly dose of Olive and Delicious. This is how I got into locally sourced and produced food, now spending my free time looking for the local producers in and around Brussels (well, that kind of is all of Belgium).

One such producer is La Tourelle. A goats farm just outside Brussels, which we discovered whilst visiting Waterloo. The street sign pointing to La Tourelle can easily be missed (we missed it twice!). Which might explain perhaps why the farm shop is never too crowded.

We went in for a small ‘degustation‘ (tasting) and came out with bags of cheese, organic flour, bread, and several types of quiches. With holidays approaching we are planning to go back this time for some of their home made paté, and the delicious looking … goats cheeses. A must for every cheese lover ready to put some effort into looking for a goats farm.

Photo La Tourelle website
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