Palazzo Trabucco – Palermo

We love wine. We love food. When we get the chance to combine the two, pure bliss follows. Sicily (Palermo) was such an experience. Great wines, great food and wherever you look, restaurants waiting to be tried out.

Two foodies going to Palermo. What to do? This time around the recommendations for restaurants came from Chowhound and our own travel guides. Some hits, some misses.

The story so far
Several like minded travellers pointed us out in the direction of Palazzo Trabucco. The advice: if you want real Sicilian food then go to Palazzo Trabucco. The reality was: we could simply not find it or locate it on any map (no, we did not try the GPS). But luck sometimes works better than maps and directions and one afternoon without realizing it we were sitting down in … Palazzo Trabucco.

First impressions
Past glory, present mix of grandeur and a welcoming trattoria. I can not say the restaurant impressed us in any way from a design or decoration point of view. The fact we were the only ones inside didn’t help either, but you can’t have it all.

The food
Divine. The best we had in Sicily (Palermo to be exact) and we did try our fair share. We went all out for Sicilian specialities and tried a little bit of everything. The antipasti rustica, the spaghetti al nero, the cannolo siciliano and the panacotta – with the main courses being just as delicious. And filling.

Something I always forget is that primi piatti is the main dish and the secondi are just the fish or the meat on its own. And then of course who can resist the dolci? Mostly when Sicily offers the fantastic cannoli! All this and some local Nero d’Avolo came just a little under 60euro for two.

Service with a smile
I mentioned we were the only ones in the restaurants. There were 4 waitresses. You do the math…

The verdict
A Sicilian delight which I am very happy we stumbled upon. The only regret? That with so much choice we had to go for the obvious option, Sicilian specialities, and could not try some of the other dishes on the menu.

Other restaurants which we tried and tested in Palermo were:

  • HIT – the Osteria Cavalieri di Malta. A great find, by chance, which was a delight. Great food (too much food!) and very friendly staff. Vicolo Pantelleria 30, Palermo, Tel: +39 91 586 595
  • MISS – the SantAndrea, which despite the ravings and good reviews it got by foodies and guides, was quite a dissapointment.

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