Uccle Christmas Market

Too early? I think so too. Somehow I don’t get used to this Christmas ‘rush’. Not even December and we already have the first Christmas markets in Brussels.

This year Uccle was the first commune to start. For four days – at15 degrees outside – Christmas came to Uccle. Unfortunately my Christmas spirit is nil. Outside it is warm and the sun is shining. My cravings for all things Christmas’y, like mulled wine, German sausages and ginger bread are nonexistent. Going to a Christmas market felt like visiting the Santa Claus village in the summer.

Yet a visit to the local Christmas market is a must. We tried the local delicacies and indulged in some mulled wine all whilst listening to Christmas songs.

My favourites at the Uccle Christmas market this year and addresses I am very happy to recommend further were in fact two. We divided our visit between the ‘Les Senteurs du Soleil’ and ‘Vanderkelen V.D.’. I realize the two names don’t tell you much so let me explain.

Les Senteurs du Soleil
A beautiful stand with the most amazing vinegars, vinaigrettes, olive oils, mustards and syrups. We tried honey, sage, ginger and thyme vinegars, truffle, lemon and wild mushroom olive oil and the most delicious mustards with basil, garlic, black olives or figs. The choice at this stand was endless and of course we could not leave without truffle vinaigrettes.

Les Senteurs du Soleil
20, rue Barbes
F – 83 490 Le Muy
+33 494 45 91 55

Vanderkelen V.D.
This was our second stop and the longest one as well. Between French, Flemish and English we got to know Hugo Vanderkelen, the proud owner of small meat factory just outside Brussels. Bacon, ham, lard and sausages were the best I’ve seen, with beautiful game now in season. Some wine, some beer, and we ended up buying the traditional Boudain Noir and Boudain Blanc.

Delicious. I am overall a big meat fan, but not easily pleased, so this was an achievement: just great, pure quality meat.

Furthermore, the next day a bottle of Rulles was exchanged for 1kg of English bacon (yes, yes, English bacon). You see, Hugo is a big fan of La Chouffe so we had to persuade him to try the Rulles … one of my favourites.

Vanderkelen V.D.
Petrus Basteleusstraat 26
B – 1600 Sint Pieters Leeuw
+32 2 377 14 62

Next weekend more sun, and more Christmas at the down town Christmas market.

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