Megavino 2006

This year’s edition of Megavino promised to be bigger, louder and better. I find they succeeded with the bigger and louder, less so with the better. Perhaps it is a case of nostalgia as I really enjoyed the Megavino 2005. I missed the real interest and novelty this year. With fame, popularity follows. More people, more stands, more sellers, less time to discover producers and wines into detail.

The guest country of Megavino 2006 was ‘Portugal’. A 300 square meter stand was set up for the Portuguese producers who came to Belgium for Megavino 2006. Better known regions like the Doa and the Douro were represented, as well as less known regions like the Corales, Estremadura, Ribatejo or Setubal.

As we love Portuguese wine and food, this stand alone made our visit worth it. We tried some fantastic Portuguese wines (now I just to have find out where I can buy them in Brussels). A discovery were the non-sulfite wines, which we tried at WijnFolie. Not so sure about this type of wine. I also enjoyed tasting and trying some unusual South American wines, some great French and Spanish wines, and of course I stopped at my favorite stand ‘I Want Wine’.

Overall Megavino 2006 had more to offer than the 2005 edition. However with the increased number of producers and wines you also need a very organized mind. We skipped a lot of stands which I am sure offered interesting wines. On the other hand, more to look forward to the 2007 edition.

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