Sicilian discoveries

Sicily (Palermo). 4 days of sun, good food and even better wine. A discovery in itself, as Sicilian wines are not widely spread in Belgium. We decided already before getting to Palermo that we will try local wines and discover for ourselves the regional grapes.

Of course everyone advised us to try the Nero d’Avola – which we did. A great wine and we didn’t come across one we didn’t like. Granted some were better than others, but all matched the situation and/or the food. The new discoveries were though more interesting and unusual. We tried some white wine from the Etna region, the Carricante. The Grecanico, grown in Veneto – a bottle of this one made its way to Belgium as well. However the highlights of our visit were of course the reds. Sicily’s best.

I already mentioned the Nero d’Avola. The Frappato was also a great discovery, a strong and full bodied red. Following a suggestion from one of the sommeliers we met (more on that later), we also tried the Nerello, again a personality red.

My favorite though was the Fastaia, which unlike the above is not a grape but a blend: Nero d’Avola 70%, Cabernet Franc 15% and Merlot 15%. The best red wine we tried. And very much a wine I would recommend to any red wine lover.

Sicily offers a wide range of wines, yet like everywhere, you need to know where to go to try out the best ones – or to have the choice to try out local wines. Restaurants usually offer a decent choice of wines, but usually you have to buy a whole bottle. Our visit to Palermo, like many other Italy visits before (see Florence wine bars), included discovering and trying out local wine bars. A pleasure. The choice of local wines is endless and best of all, in the enotacas we tried the glass of wine usually came with a decent portion of antipasti.

Not to miss:
Bi Sogno di Vino
Via Giacalone 2 (and. Via Patania)

Enoteca Picone
Via G. Marconi 36

Il Siciliano
Via dell’Orologio 37
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