Mr. Wasabi

Remember my ravings about wasabi? To my delight the range of products using wasabi just got bigger. Like these dry roasted green peas, coated in wasabi. What could be better than that? I first came across these peas in the one and only major Asian supermarket in Brussels (I will write on this experience later, I promise). A can of 500gr contained addictive, to say the least, wasabi nuts. Apparently a low fat snack alternative. Then again the stingy taste, the combination of sweet and then striking sharpness of the wasabi nuts stops you from eating them in big quantities.

Months later, after the Asian supermarket can was all empty, I came across Mr. Wasabi. This time in the local supermarket, a snack for everyone to grab and try. Googling Mr. Wasabi a little it appears these nuts have taken over Europe.I know, I know. My name is Andreea and I am a wasabi (nuts) addict. Anyone esle sharing my love for Mr. Wasabi?

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