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Too many cooking books, lying around in the kitchen, on the shelves, on the bedroom floor, or in my case sometimes even next to my PC. Do you know that feeling? Or am I alone in this cook book chaos? I love cooking. I love cooking books. Really, I do. Not only for their recipes, but their delicious pictures, their stories, their life inside. Don’t even get me started!Like every major event in life I also go through emotional ‘cook book’ stages. The thrill of finding a new cooking book. The joy when ordering the book. The excitement when it finally arrives. The smell of fresh paper when I open the book for the first time. The happiness which sets in once I realize it was all worth it. The comfort knowing I have a new source of inspiration.

And … we’re back to the thrill when it is time to order a new cooking book. This reminds me, I still have to tell you all about my latest buy, the Locatelli masterpiece ‘Made In Italy – Food and Stories’.

I hear you wonder … what does this all have to do with Library Thing? Well, there is my cooking book extravaganza. And then there is the need for some organization. Simple and effective, Library Thing offers just that. After locating all the cooking books in own, I registered them on Library Thing as well and voila, my very own overview of cooking books. Good to have the organization going. Then again, don’t you think I have too few cooking books? Might be just the right season to drop some hints!

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