Food Resolutions 2007

I doubt I am the only one to do this: every year, come January I set new resolutions and goals for the year ahead. This year (and following a certain trend I have recently discovered) I will divide my resolutions into personal ones and food related ones. One of course can be considered an overlap: to eat less!!! Let me rephrase that: eat healthier. Besides this, my positive goals for 2007 in the realms of the food/ food blogosphere will be:

  1. To try out at least one new recipe per cooking book per week. Ambitious? Well, Christmas brought with it new cooking books, although I already have a backlog from 2005! I have to start somewhere…
  2. To make an effort and not only cook new recipes, but also try out new foods. The photo was taken in Palermo, and it shows boiled (!) baby squid. Now who do you think did not try it out?
  3. To host more dinner parties. I used to be queen bee of dinner/ cocktail parties yet it seems last year was spent between a new house and a non-blogging career. This year there will be more friends over for fabulous dinner parties.
  4. To become better at blogging. Well actually at html. Photography is on its way, but that is a personal goal.
  5. To become more involved in the food blogging scene. I love reading all the wonderful food blogs out there (English and French) but I rarely take the time to comment on the posts I like. Oh, and also: take part in the food related theme/ events which I like and always miss out on.
  6. To be braver when it comes to my blog. Currently I seem to keep this blog almost a secret which baffles friends and me alike. This year I will tell people (more) about it! Just in case: this blog is all about Glorious Food and Wine. Maybe it’s all easier at
  7. And finally to enjoy 2007 to the fullest. Food blog or no food blog.

Odd number, 7. What are your resolutions this year?Happy New Year.

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