Stanley #restaurant Brussels - review by @onfoodandwine

photo courtesy of StanleyGrill website

With Christmas and New Year eating … and more eating, restaurants were the last things on our minds. Time was spent setting resolutions and eating light food. Very light food!

The story so far
It didn’t last long. Back to work, and I am off to my first business lunch. The venue, far from the usual European quarter lunch spots. We went to Stanley, as in Dr. Livingstone I presume? Stanley, an African inspired grill restaurant, is located just at the exit of the Yzer metro stop in the Flemish governmental area of Brussels. Note: the restaurant underwent renovations in 2013/2015 and is now more focused on meat on the grill.

First impressions
Hello Africa. We left grey and rainy Brussels outside, and entered sunny and warm Africa. The restaurant is painted in warm earth colours, and massive paintings depicting African scenes cover the walls. All for sale btw. A long bar on the left, heavy dark wooden tables all around, and oh boy, does the place get busy!

The food
This is a difficult one. You’re either prepared for it or really adventurous. The menu offers goat and crocodile, all kind of fish dishes, glorious meat (for true meat lovers!) and very few ‘traditional’ dishes.

Not being the squeamish type I opted for the ‘business lunch’, which included: a (very) strong exotic fruit cocktail; a shrimp, banana, coconut milk soup (that in itself could have been enough for lunch); the piece du resistance – steak; and well, coffee to end. All for 25euro. You understand I simply skipped dinner that day …

I’ll definitely go back though for the crocodile. Might just as well. Or the meat. Oh my God, the meat!

Service with a smile
Very much so. I guess the owner and staff are quite used to puzzled looks so they’ll take the time to explain you the options and choices. Service is prompt, which for a lunch is very important.

The verdict
Well, I for one will definitely go back. I have already convinced a couple of friends to join, so that should be a fun and exotic evening out. Booking might be necessary as the place with its unusual offers tends to be very full lunch and evening.

Would love to hear if anyone has been or plans to go now, after reading this post. Always good to get some feedback on these restaurant posts. Or suggestions which other restaurants we should try out next?

Stanley: website, Boulevard d’Anvers 46-47, 1000 Bruxelles

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