Tempura Shrimp

In our own search of perfection, we attempted Japanese cooking. The main aim of the evening was to improve our sushi making skills. Besides the sushi and the sashimi though there is the tempura mystery.

I always loved Japanese food. I find it fresh, light and the type of food I can eat guilt-free. When we can, we go out to eat Japanese, but lately the real non-food-blogging life has been so hectic there was hardly any time left for dining out. Thus we tried to make the best out of dining in. And so far it hasn’t been bad at all …

Generally, most people I know like/ love Japanese food. Of course there will always be the ones who do not agree with raw fish. This is where tempura cooked fish comes in. Or vegetables for that matter. We stuck with just shrimp, but tempura batter can be used on a multitude of shellfish and/or vegetables (tip given by Thalie a while ago – merci!). The batter is done very easily by mixing ice cold water (and I mean ice cold), 1 egg and ideally special tempura flour. However we used corn flour and it worked very well. The next steps, easy: take the shrimps, dunk them in the batter, then in the hot oil – ready.

For a first Japanese full out dinner, not too bad. I am sure this is only the beginning though. Why, you wonder? We recently bought Harumi Kurihara’s book ‘Japanese cooking‘, and I can’t wait to get cooking. Any recommendations what I should look at next on my Japanese cooking discovery trip?

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