The world’s most famous department store. I missed the Belgian Food Blogger’s meeting for this! Well actually that is not the right side of truth. I had to work in London, which is always an opportunity to combine work with pleasure. The pleasure being discovering foodie places, and food which is so different than what is available on the continent. Of course, Harrods always deserves a special stop.

Harrods opened its doors in 1849. I am sure today’s Harrods is very different from the first 2 employee-only shop. Every time I enter Harrods I get ready for a real adventure, getting lost and in the end, exhausted. Probably this is because I tend to spend hours on end in this shop. On the other hand, every time I go to Harrods I discover something I missed last time.

Harrods Food Halls. Anyone who has been to the food department knows the wonderful ceiling. I always enjoy looking up and taking a short break from the buzz around me. I also never shop in Harrods Food Halls as it is practically impossible to reach the tills. I just enjoy looking around and discovering a very different world of food.

We stopped at the cheese stand – oh heaven!, and spent quite some time at the fish stall. The food stalls were this time of the year a mixture between post-Christmas, post-New Year, pre-St. Valentine. Everything invites you to shop, cook, eat, pure 21st century decadence.

Between reds, and greens, there was champagne and pink. Wines ranging from the decent prized (at 10GBP) to the ones where you’d rather not know the price (the size of a small country’s GNP). And everything in between.

Don’t you just love these bags of chips?

What I like most though are the many corners specially designed to eat and try out the foods on offer. Thus next to the fish section there is a sea food stand, where you could have oysters (champagne anyone?) to grilled fish. Next to the butchers a whole range of cold meats with matching red wines – full! By the cheese stand, my absolute image of heaven: cheese boards and matching wines. Could a girl wish for more?

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