Cooking Courses in Brussels – Part II

Cooking courses. Cooking classes. Cours de cuisine. Stage de cuisine. Cursus koken. Kochkurse. Name it, I googled it. I tried all the Brussels combinations and you’ll never guess. I did discover new cooking courses.

Last year I pleaded for help in creating a list of cooking courses in Brussels. I did have some input, yet it seems the page is more read than I thought. And, La Tsampa confirmed a lot of their cooking course ‘students’ come after having read the post. Thank you for that vote of confidence!

Now it is time to look at the list again, and get to know the new kids on the block. I refreshed the list, kept the old ones, and added a couple of new ones. It seems Brussels is joining in the buzz around cooking, and more places are offering specialized cooking courses. I would love to hear if you have been to one or the other. What are your impressions, on the food, the atmosphere, what did you learn? You can’t beat personal experiences.

Oh, and if you are planning to take a cooking course, at any of the below, please let me know. Would be great to have your comments.

Let’s get cooking!

Rue de Praetere 14
1050 Brussels
0477/927 411

Agastache & Tonka
Rue Royale 290
1210 Brussels
02/217 08 02

La Brouette
Bldv du Prince de Liege 61
1070 Brussels
02/552 51 69

Comme un Chef
Ave de la Floride 102
1180 Brussels
02/660 05 55

Le Coriandre
Rue Middlebourg 21
1170 Brussels
02/672 45 65

Cuisine de l’Energie
Rue Gossart 14
1180 Brussels

Eric Chisvert
Ave Louise 130B
1000 Brussels

Ave. Brugmann 42
1190 Brussels

La Gaumette
Rue de Linkebeek 40
1080 Brussels
02/332 10 58

Innovative Cuisine
Rue Leopold I, 357
1090 Brussels
0473/552 632

Chausse de Charleroi 20
1060 Brussels
02/534 23 40

Ave. M. Maeterlinck 2
1030 Brussels
0475/204 600

Ch. de Forest 62
1060 Brussels
0495/225 766

La Tsampa (vegetarian)
Rue du Livourne 109
1050 Brussels
02/647 03 67

Voyage a Travers tes Sens
Galerie de la Reine 7
1000 Brussels
0477/740 784

World Cuisine
Centre Elzenhof (‘cursussen’)
Ave de la Couronne 12
1050 Brussels
02/662 05 44

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