Eating Out in Rome

restaurants in Rome by @onfoodandwine

Between airports and different European cities, it is difficult to get the time to shop for food, let alone cook. But then again traveling is the best. Do you ever wonder: how does a city taste? I know we all travel for the historical, artistic highlights, for the scenery, but I also travel for the food, the flavors, the smells, the tastes.Taking my first (!) trip to Rome I could not help but wonder what does Rome taste like? I love Italy and Italian food has a magic I can not describe. But Rome is Rome. My fears involved scooters and traffic, tourists and menus in 10 languages selling me ‘real Italian food’.

5 days of bliss followed. Not only did I get to celebrate my birthday in style (the main reason why we went to Rome), but I also got to discover culinary Rome. We opted for the hidden gems, for restaurants off the beaten track. We ate antipasti, we had risottos and pasta, fish and meat and a lot of … artichokes. It seems there is something about these Roman artichokes. Perfect artichokes alla Romana, which stay in my memory, roasted lamb with rosemary potatoes, pasta with truffles or panocottas to die for. The fried squash flowers? Such a wonderful discovery.

Of course I could go on and on, but I prefer to let you discover Rome on your own when you get the chance. Some of the restaurants we ate at and are worth a visit:

Cantina Paradiso
Via S. Francesco a Ripa 73
Tel: 06/ 58 99 799
Trastevere/ Roma

Piazza G.T. Arquati 114
Tel: 347/ 77 53 505

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