8 Wine Bars in Rome

wine bars in Rome by @onfoodandwine

My first time to Rome. A celebration in itself (my birthday) but also a gastronomic adventure. The Roman cuisine, and even more the Lazio wines, who I didn’t know anything about.

Historically, the region was always associated with white wine – the Fascati and the Est!Est!Est being two of the most famous ones. White wines prevail in the region and wine markers have moved on from overpowering, rich whites to drier, crisp one. A new discovery within the whites was the Malvasia grape, which I personally ignored.

However we were surprised to taste and try a lot of very promising red wine. Most are based on Montepulciano, Sangiovese, Cabernet or Merlot. With such a variety, albeit not very well known Lazio wines, it surprised us that many wine bars do not offer a variety of Lazio wines. Yet Lazio wines are worth a try and although the ‘big’ Italian names are so attractive (and cheap) to order in a wine bar I still think the local wines deserve attention.

wine bars in Rome by @onfoodandwine

Some of the wine bars we tried, loved and recommend in Rome are:
Via di Ripetta 19-20

Enoteca Antica
Via della Croce 76b

In Vino Veritas
Via Garibaldi 2a
Trastevere / Roma

Mimi & Coco
Via del Governo Vecchio 72

Via S. Eustachio 5

Piazza G.T. Arquati 114

As a bonus The Culture Trip 10 best wine bars in Rome and The Guardian top wine shops in Rome.

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