My favorite Tabouleh

Tabouleh = a Middle Eastern dish often used as part of a mezze. Of course, now I could explain the term ‘mezze’ as well, but I think I will stop for the moment. Tabouleh. One of my all time favourite dish.I tend to (mostly) eat tabouleh in the summer. I find it a very refreshing dish (or side dish), so easy to do and usually a sure crowd pleaser. This time around however, I decided to bring the summer in. Outside, Brussels has embraced the sun. People seem to have left their natural hibernation status, and now enjoy what the city has to offer. Go out, eat, party.A perfect time to host a first dinner party (don’t you think?). This time girls only! On the menu, light spring food, food to enjoy and share. However, hosting a dinner party on a working day asks for some organization and recipes which can be prepared in advance. A tabouleh was the perfect option. I also realized I have not yet made a tabouleh in 2007, although it is one of my first tried and favourite dishes.

I know everyone has a favourite party dish (so to speak), or that one fool proof recipe made to impress. I can not say tabouleh classifies right up there, but it comes pretty close. A versatile recipe, I tend to prepare it with just the ingredients on hand, although I insist on the mint and the coriander (cilantro). Every time I prepare it though it impresses and there is rarely any left over.

The main ingredient is of course bulgur or cous cous. The general rule is: 1 cup bulgur, 2 cups of water, and a lot of fluffing the grains after they have absorbed the water. Usually tomatoes, green and red bell peppers, but then depending on taste I also add some raisins or sultanas, grilled aubergines, sun dried tomatoes. I also tend to leave the fresh tomatoes out as i think they make the tabouleh a little soggy – but that is entirely a taste issue. Some olive oil and my favourite tabouleh is done. In the summer I rather eat it on its own, but at the girls dinner I served it with chicken. It goes well though with smoked salmon, with meat balls, etc.

If you have a favourite tabouleh recipe as well, and you would like to share, please, I would love to hear about it. There are many tabouleh recipes out there I don’t know, or ‘secret’ ingredients you might add which could bring my own tabouleh to a different height. Who knows.
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