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Since I initiated this mini-series on Very Belgian products, all I see is very Belgian products. I am sure they existed before, but now I see them everywhere. A new hobby was born: step by step I am putting together a list of products not to be missed when or if you pass through Belgium.

Today let me talk about the … speculoos (fr) or speculaas (nl). The speculoos is a traditional Belgian biscuit which was initially only eaten for Saint Nicolas. In the meantime however due to its success, you can find speculoos all year round. Usually served with your coffee in bars and restaurants, but also as part of dessert and my favorite, as speculoos ice cream. I am not kidding, the best ice cream you can get.The name itself comes from the Latin ‘species’, meaning spices. Why the name? A speculoos is all about spices and granulated brown sugar. Where to get it? I personally have my favorite brands but if you are looking for the speculoos de la speculoos then head for La Maison Dandoy. Located just off the Grande Place, La Maison Dandoy is the reference point for speculoos, officially recognized by the Belgian Royal House.

Home Made Speculoos
500gr flour
375gr brown sugar
250gr butter
½ tbsp cinnamon
1 tbsp spices (ginger, nutmeg etc)
2 eggs
100gr almonds (powder)

Mix all the ingredients together and leave the mixture in a cold place till the next day.
Roll out the dough. Cut it into shapes (squares, not squares etc)
Place all on a cooking tray.
Cook for 15min at low heat.

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