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Since I initiated this mini-series on Very Belgian products, all I see is very Belgian products. I am sure they existed before, but now I see them everywhere. A new hobby was born: step by step I am putting together a list of products not to be missed when or if you pass through Belgium.

Today let me talk about the … speculoos (fr) or speculaas (nl). The speculoos is a traditional Belgian biscuit which was initially only eaten for Saint Nicolas. In the meantime however due to its success, you can find speculoos all year round. Usually served with your coffee in bars and restaurants, but also as part of dessert and my favorite, as speculoos ice cream. I am not kidding, the best ice cream you can get.The name itself comes from the Latin ‘species’, meaning spices. Why the name? A speculoos is all about spices and granulated brown sugar. Where to get it? I personally have my favorite brands but if you are looking for the speculoos de la speculoos then head for La Maison Dandoy. Located just off the Grande Place, La Maison Dandoy is the reference point for speculoos, officially recognized by the Belgian Royal House.

Home Made Speculoos
500gr flour
375gr brown sugar
250gr butter
½ tbsp cinnamon
1 tbsp spices (ginger, nutmeg etc)
2 eggs
100gr almonds (powder)

Mix all the ingredients together and leave the mixture in a cold place till the next day.
Roll out the dough. Cut it into shapes (squares, not squares etc)
Place all on a cooking tray.
Cook for 15min at low heat.

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  • Muriel

    Thanks for that ,always heard of them and never had some.I will try .

  • leonine19

    thank you for the recipe, i used to buy them!

  • Claire

    Speculoos might well be my favourite biscuits. I always bake them myself, the smell is just heavenly and they are scrumptious. I make them without eggs though. Your picture is great!

  • Mitsuko

    I’ve never made speculoos and I always buy the Lotus sort… Shame on me!

  • Omo_chakir

    Thanks a lot, i like it very much miam miam only like this with a cofe.

  • Andreea

    muriel, you simply have to try them now.

    leonine 19, hope you like them. do you have a food blog as well?

    claire, mine too. oh they fill the house when you bake them.

    mitsuko, my favortie brand as well 🙂

    omo_chakir, the best combination: coffee and speculoos. what a wonderfully belgian tradition 🙂

  • Nico

    Speculoos is one of my addictions. Luckily, I can get Lotus in some selected shops here in the US. I gladly make the 30 minute car trip to get them, and they surely beat those American-type ‘Windmill’ cookies that try to mimic speculoos. And whenever I pass home, my dad makes sure I return with a big box of Dandoy (or a big Saint-Nicolas if it is around that time of year, one of those that you can break your teeth on 😉

    As an aside, I have been told that the name speculoos actually comes from the Latin ‘speculum’ which means mirror. I supposedly refers to the way speculoos are made into their well-known figures, using a piece of wood that has the mirror image of the desired figure.

    Thanks for the recipe! Do you have a personal favorite on the spice blend and amount of them? I have made them before, but was disappointed by the taste (the consistency was good). I think I used the wrong amount/ratio of spices.

    • april

      where in the US do you purchase? i live in Virginia and i love them. Ever had the pate? looks like peanutbutter but tastes heavenly.

      • BelgianGirl

        In VA! Let me know if you find Lotus in VA – in NoVa and only buy Lotus from Belgium! Would love to find in the US. We will be trying this recipe during the massive snow storm!

  • I have never even heard of speculoos. But, clearly, it has been my loss. I simply must try your recipe the next time I bake. Like, say, this afternoon.


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  • Kasey

    These cookies can also be purchased at your local Walgreens drugstore. But, I will try the recipe. It smells good already!!!!!!

  • grandma-pa


  • monica orozco

    will sure try your recipe, I lived in france next to the belgian border for 7 years and now every time I go back to visit my parents in law, I bring back at least 2 kg of lotus speculoos for my father… all the way to mexico city. since trips are not often, I’m sure this recipe will make the joys of one big, french-mexican family.


  • Petzouillexa (Belgique)

    Dear VIB lovers, I am BELGIAN and I can tell you all you wrote in this site is sooo true. thanks for all the compliments. I am personally addicted to speculoos and cuberdons… You have to know that besides the biscuit Speculoos, there is a new pasta of speculoos… Miaaaam it’s creamy and smooth with the real speculoos taste. According to me, the best speculoos are indeed from Dandoie (in Brussels) but also from the brand LOTUS (don’t buy any other, it wouldn’t be the real ones…). ENJOY them, I m sure Lotus provides the whole world with their products. I saw them almost everywhere in Europe and found it once in USA.

  • Bob Fisher

    Just found this site, but I’ve been making speculoos for about 5-6 years each Christmas. I do make a variation by dipping them into white chocolate, and decorating with sprinkles.

  • Trish

    Does anyone have a recipe for the Speculoos paste? Peanut butter consistency, but with the wonderful cookie flavor. Much appreciated!

    • Pascale Sleigh

      Have you managed to find the recipe for the speculoos paste? I can see the biscuit one but not the paste. I live in England and you cannot buy it here!!

  • vesuvias

    I love speculoos as well – here in the US, I buy the Biscoff cookies from Lotus from my Walgreens. I would love to make them on my own. Could you please tell us the exact names and quantity of spices that you use in the 1 tablespoon of spices? Thanks!

  • Andrea

    A woman I work with has a sister living in Belgium who sent her a jar of the Lotus Speculoos paste and I just can’t get enough of it! Sadly it’s almost gone and I am DESPERATELY searching for somewhere to purchase it here in the states! Anyone know of an online vendor or even better a retailer in the central Ohio area?! Heck, I’ll even make it myself if I can get it even close to that flavor, so I second the recipe request! Thanks!

  • Hello,

    You’ll find the Lotus Speculoos Paste at the following address:

    Best Regards,


  • Britney

    These are not Belgian in origin, they are Dutch.

  • huh?

    “1 tbsp spices (ginger, nutmeg etc)”

    way to be specific.

  • Hey, im living in Belgium at the moment and just discorvered this amazing cookie. But have you ever tried the speculoose you put on bread or pancace, almost like nutelle?
    It’s great!

  • I love speculoos and have been looking for a great recipe – thank you for sharing! Can’t wait to try! YUM!!

  • Katie

    My colleagues and I (we work at a small but mighty nonprofit) were discussing the joys of speculoos, and were delighted to come upon this blog. Thank you for sharing this recipe and rundown on where to find the cookie and its different forms. We will let you know how it goes when we try this tasty cookie ourselves (one of us recently went to Paris and found speculoos by accident, and two of us are French and have foggy memories of speculoos; but – truly – in spite of this we are ALL excited about speculoos being in our lives sometime very soon!).

  • syik

    i am totally a fan of speculoos since the first time i tasted it when i was visiting belgium.

    but i never heard any shop in malaysia selling them. which very pity for me. and yes, lotus is my favourite brand and the even make it as a bread spread which is quite nice also!

  • Hoya

    Where to get them in the US!!!
    Click Retail
    Click your Product
    Find your State!!