This time around, not the usual review. Not because Roxi does not deserve it, but because I have been thinking for a while to change the review style. Any thoughts on that? What would you like to read on restaurants in Brussels? Any particular restaurants I should try? Let me know.

Roxi is a small resto/ bar on the corner of Place Chatelaine and Rue Bailli. Probably as close as a resto/ bar in the area comes to hip and trendy. I have been a regular of this place since it opened – more so when I was living in the neighbourhood, than now. Primarily a great place to have a drink (or two).

Roxi does not entirely classify as a restaurant. But do try the food. Ideally if you are out for a girls night or a lazy weekend brunch. Roxi is an ideal brunch spot! I like the combination of ‘brunch’ and an almost ‘club’. The people, the music, the fact everyone stopped for just a short while to take it all in, have some food, a glass of wine, move on … Next!

Order one of their many salads, or opt for one of the platters (both small and big). Waiters speak English, so no worries there. There is also a decent choice of Belgian beers, wines, and cocktails. Not the cheapest place in town so count on 50euro for two for lunch. But you’ll see – the place rocks!

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  • Nico

    Hi Andreea,

    I really enjoy reading your resto-reviews. Because of your reviews, I always have a list of to-visit restaurants available whenever I go back to Brussels. Concerning the review format, although I don’t mind that you change it, I really like the format you had until now. It usually naturally follows that I get all the information I want in an eye-sight, which may not be the case for a format-less post. For example, in this post, I was really expecting to hear about the different saucissons on the picture, what your impression was, but I was a bit disappointed that you didn’t comment on the quality of the food. Especially if it costs 50EUR for a lunch, it would be nice to know if it is any good 🙂

    Keep up the good work!