Asperges a la Flamande

Such a Belgian dish you’d think I would have tried it during the past 10 years. Well … no! I ignore why I haven’t eaten Belgian asparagus before, given the absolute love (obsession?) of Belgians with this vegetable.

We are spot on in the middle of the ‘folie’ (craziness) which comes with the first Belgian asparagus. Belgians rarely get overly excited so it is quite funny to see restaurants are fully booked when advertising the ‘asperges en folie’ and that asparagus flies off the supermarket shelves. Which is why we joined in as well. Sort of if in Belgium, do like the Belgians.

What better way to try the Belgian asparagus than in a dish, cleverly called ‘Asperges a la Flamande’, Flemish style asparagus. The recipe came from our one and only Belgian oriented cookbook, ‘Everybody Eats Well in Belgium’. Oh boy, and do they eat well.

The recipe? So easy it makes me wonder why we don’t eat asparagus at least 3 times a week. Basically the steps are boil, mash, serve. Let me explain: after you bought the asparagus (ideally avoiding any unnecessary air miles, so local asparagus is the best option) the following leads to

Asperges a la Flamande (serves 2).
Boil the asparagus till tender. We had 6 stalks a person.
At the same time, boil 2 eggs (hard).
Mash the eggs with finely chopped parsley and season well with salt, pepper and lemon juice of 1 lemon.

Delicious! Which would explain the current frenzy all around me: asperges ci, and asperges la.

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  • maarten

    Enjoy your meal! There are so many lovely dishes with asparagus, it’s really incredible!

  • Hello Andreea, I add melted butter to the egg mixture – approximately 150g for 3 eggs

  • Excellent post, and blog, yummy dishes. I just discovered it after posting my faux asparagus à la flamande.

  • anonymous

    Hey, I’m a Brit and grew up in Belgium and foodtasting is my job. The sniff of nutmeg is so important in this dish.

    Anyway I’m in Berlin now and am eating asparagus with smoked meat. Not my thing but not to bad. I must admit.

  • You forgot 1 crucial ingredients and that’s plenty of melted butter 🙂