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In Le Point Bar, Sex and the City meets Brussels. There is no better way to describe this newly opened restaurant. If like me you have been religiously following Sex and the City, then entering Le Point Bar will feel like starring in your very own version of Sex and the City, the Brussels episode.

The story so far
I have been eyeing this restaurant since it opened, just waiting for that occasion to go and eat there. After the initial hype when the restaurant was fully booked for weeks on end (most of last year), we finally got together and had a girls night out (what else?) in Le Point Bar.

First impressions
Besides the Sex in the City vibe? Well, first of all the restaurant is kind of pink. And kind of girly. Kind of modern, kind of sexy. Trendy, hip and again, let me stress: girly! I don’t say this just because I am a fan (addict?) of Sex and the City. I stress this because very few guys I know would be up for a night out in this restaurant. Perhaps one tiny explanation is in order now: Le Point Bar is first and foremost known for serving ALL their food in … glasses. Remember the episode in Sex and the City when the girls go out to the newly opened Raw restaurant? Well Le Point Bar would classify as the Glass restaurant.

The food
The food comes in glasses. I am not kidding: everything you will order, be it a soup (usually in a glass/ bowl) or a hamburger (usually not) will come in a glass of a certain shape and definition. Somewhat difficult to eat, but very entertaining.

The overall concept: very straightforward. There is a choice of ‘fraicheurs’ (let’s call them starters), pasta, ‘inedits’ (the unusuals) and the ‘after’. You order one glass each of the fraicheurs, pasta and the inedits – all for 24euro.

Not sure what to expect, I chose the Gros Tin Tin de Chavignol, the L’Autre Risotto and the VIP Burger. I have to admit that the cheese, the salads, and the burger were pure explosions of flavors. The dressings which come with the food? Heaven. However I was disappointed with the risotto which was more pilaf than anything else.

The downside to this glass eating experience? All three dishes come at the same time which tends to slow down the conversation and to speed up the eating. Yet, three glass dishes later, you will have had the Brussels version of Sex and the City.

Service with the smile
Are you kidding? With so many girls around it has been only smiles. Objectively though, the waiters are friendly and helpful, taking their time to explain the concept. The only difficulties encountered? Trying not to laugh too much when ordering the Ricotta Tralala or La Clementine de Greg. Did I mention this is not exactly a guy’s night out kind of place?

The verdict
Well, if nothing else at least the place is unique. On the downside there are only that many dinners you could eat out of a glass. However when enough time has passed by I am sure it will be again time for a Sex and the City meets Brussels night out. Which makes me wonder? Why is there only Le Point Bar which reminds me of the SATC – isn’t this what they call a gap in the market’? Anyone?!

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