I love Colman's Mustard!

There was a short Easter break (thank God for that!). Then one or two business trips (airplane food – no!no!no!), now back to a very sunny Brussels. Off in a couple of days (again, more airplane food!) so in between trips let me share this with you: English food is NOT a joke.

A fun event launched by Sam, over at Becks and Posh, Fish and Quips is all about English food. And why, some of it at least, is not a joke.

Living in Belgium for a decent amount of years, I am more than spoiled with gorgeous food, good food, mostly great food. Belgium is all about food (oh and beer!). And when we get bored of Brussels, hey, Paris is just over 1h away. But what does all this have to do with English food? Well there are those very English products I just can’t get enough of.Here is where the love story between me and Colman’s Mustard begins. It all started at a dinner party sometimes back in the 90’s. Loving mustard in all its shapes and colors, I helped myself to a generous serving of mustard at the above mentioned party. Little did I know the host was English, and well, the mustard too. Let’s put it this way: no party food ever made such a long lasting impression. There was very little talking after that. But I fell in love.

Colman’s Mustard, the not so mellow yellow. Not so mellow is an understatement. I thought my whole body was on fire and my taste buds were on ‘leave’ for a whole while after that faithful encounter. However, no one anticipated the love story about to begin. I love fire and spice. It just so happened I didn’t know Colman’s before. That changed!

Colman’s is now a must have. After initial shocks amongst family and friends, it seems this very English mustard is catching on with the continent as well. Every time I go to the UK, Colman’s Mustard is coming back with me. So how could I possibly say English food is a joke? Colman’s is after all, well, very English.

If you don’t know it already, try it – trust me if you like it hot, you’ll be delighted. Go on, buy some mustard. Bigger supermarkets here in Brussels (Delhaize, GB) sell it.

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