The Taste of Summer

With the sun now actually staying in Brussels, we decided it is high time to take advantage of our little city garden. After a day in the sun what better way to end the day than a lazy dinner in the garden?We spent most of our Sunday morning at the biggest (and cheapest) market in Brussels, the Gare du Midi market. The trick to going to the market? Don’t go too early, but also not too late. The market closes at 2:00pm and it all gets very hectic at that time But just around 1:00pm you can get some of the best bargains. Our favorite stops are at the different fish mongers who coming to close sell entire boxes of fish for 3euro. The choice of fish depends, one box being filled with cuttle fish, other with mussels, with whitebait or mackerel. This time around we opted for the whitebait.

I have never actually had whitebait anywhere but at the beach. But, although it doesn’t look as good as on the beach, the whitebait we cooked, tasted just as good. We missed the sea, but had our own holiday dinner right in the back garden.

Fried Whitebait (serves many)
fresh whitebait
oil for deep frying (deep fryer)

I didn’t know (think) whitebait had to be first soaked in milk. However we followed the recipe to the letter, soaked the whitebait in milk, then rolled it in the flour and fried it in the deep fryer. We had the whitebait with a lot of squeezed lemon juice, and a great chilli mayonnaise. Summer in the city at home.

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