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Well, it is officially here: the asparagus season. I probably could have easily missed this as (shock!) I am not the biggest fan of asparagus. Or so I thought. It seems living in Belgium I can not not like asparagus. We are not talking any green asparagus you might be used to. We are talking solid white gold.

I don’t know where the folie comes from when Belgians talk about asparagus, but I can assure you they are way excited. Part of the whole celebration around the white asparagus is of course, the fact it is only available at this time of the year. Everyone is eating it. Everyone is buying it. Every restaurant has it on the menu, that is, if they don’t dedicate a whole ‘special menu’ like asperges en folie.

We joined in. Of course. Sceptical at first, but then you can not resist a nation wide folie. The first thing we cooked with the very Belgian asperges? The asperges a la flamande. However I would love to hear what other Belgian (or not) recipes there are – or better yet, did you already cook something with the first Belgian asparagus? Could you share? Besides the above mentioned recipe I am at the moment at a loss of ideas, and it would be a pity to already give up on the folie.

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