A Perfect Slice of Heaven

I remember reading accounts on the perfect pizza by Matt, and seeing a photo journal on the perfect pizza (again!) by Nico. Now, I know what a perfect pizza can taste like. I am talking about the Italian real deal. However we never managed to bring Italy home. We never managed to recreate the perfect pizza at home.

Till yesterday. Yesterday we baked (cooked?) the perfect pizza. Dough! The dough is the main ingredient one has to get right. It should have the structure of great bread dough, so whatever worked for your perfect plain white bread will work here as well. The dough should be rolled out thin (please, no deep pan pizzas!) so it bakes crusty all over. Then the heat! It is all about the heat. The oven has to be so very hot, your oven thermometer should read temperatures between 300 to 400C (600-800F). Too much Heston Blumenthal that’s what this is called.

After the oven is hot it’s all a matter of taste. Toppings. In our (pizza) book, less is more: fresh tomato sauce as a base, anchovies, cheese, and mushrooms. No fussy ingredients, but it tastes just like a slice of heaven.

Out of curiosity: what is your favourite pizza topping?

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