Eating in the Air

Lately my life has been airport – destination – airport – home, change suitcase, repeat. Not my ideal way of life although I do love to travel (slight guilt concerning my air miles though!).

One of the joys of travel is of course the food you leave behind in favor of the food you will discover. Part of my travel pre-process is having a good idea of what local food I should try out, which specialized shops to visit, where to go and eat and where not, what to bring back home (again, in terms of food). I have become a real destination food googler (if this word even exists. And if it doesn’t, it should).

On to my last trip. Imagine. You leave gourmet Belgian behind. You arrive in gourmet Italy. All great. What could possibly spoil this? Well the bit in between – airplane food. I usually try to ignore it (avoid it?) but in the name of research I am also very interested to see what airlines come up with these days. Don’t even get me started on the fact that tickets are really not that cheap so at least a decent sandwich could be served … or the airlines who have decided no food at all is the way! Then again, comparing no food with the food which gets served, probably a better alternative.

European flights specialize now in sandwich in a box. That is: the box, the sandwich, and if lucky one or the other praline. Some might even serve a tiny winsy dessert. Nothing wrong with the composition of this box. What is wrong is the content. The sandwich is usually soggy, the dessert usually dry and on the whole, just bland. The pralines – usually decent. But not really a gourmet meal as such. I don’t even remember the last time I actually had half decent airplane food. Do I prefer the non food option? Probably, given the alternative. Then again I do not agree with the ‘pay full price/ get no food’ option.

Am I spending too much time in the air? At the moment yes! But just in case you are interested in more airplane food, then AirlineMeals is a good start. And if you have any airplane food stories to share, I’d love to read about them. In between flights. Of course.

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