Antipasti, Tapas, Mezze

First a big, big ‘congratulations’ for the 2 year celebration over in the German food blogosphere. It seems that food events have been running there for 2 years. Fittingly, the 2 year party will serve antipasti, tapas and mezze. Summer and 2 years of food events? Who knows of a better party reason?We decided to join in with some home made keftas. A middle eastern dish at origin, keftas are simply put meat balls. It seems they are very popular in Turkey, where over 350 types of keftas can be found. We cooked our keftas following a simple Lebanese recipe, so I would guess they classify for the mezze category.

minced lamb (or beef) meat
bread crumbs
flat leaf parsley (or coriander)
salt, pepper, turmeric, cumin

I leave the measurements open on purpose as, depending on the quantity of meat, this recipe can serve as many as you chose to. Basically all ingredients need to go into a food processor to make a thick meat paste which you can easily form into meat balls or meat skewers. We opted for the skewers, and cooked them on a grill pan. Unfortunately the weather has not been that great lately in Brussels, but I am sure these keftas would taste great grilled on the BBQ.

As the meat can be quite dry on its own, I made a very quick (oh so simple) delicious yogurt dip on the side: full fat Greek yogurt, a little garlic, salt and coriander. Isn’t this the perfect way to greet the summer, and celebrate two years of great food events? Auf viele Jahre noch!

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