Mon frigo … tout nu

My fridge … all naked. I rarely had as much fun as looking through other peoples fridges. There is something slightly secretive and reassuring when looking into other peoples fridges. On the one hand who ever gets to see the inside of someone else’s fridge? Like … ever? I don’t even always know what is in mine, but another’s. The reassuring side comes from the fact that every fridge hides just that little guilty pleasure, guilty product or expired one.On to my fridge, mostly fed by local markets (the St. Gilles and Midi being favorites) and local supermarkets (GB and Delhaize). From the top.

Shelve 1: Delhaize free range eggs. Italian salami (bought on last business trip). Delhaize green olives. GB moules au vinaigre (mussels in vinegar). 1 Fanta Exotic (Tanzania). 1 Fondue au chocolat (artisan) bought at the market. Delhaize cornichons au vinaigre (pickles). Planta bread spread.
Shelve 2: Mini jars Gu chocolate. A little can containing 12 uvas de la suerte (beats me what it is, but they look like grapes!). 2 Jars red fish egg (bought in Russia). Still some Carrefour chorizo. 2 Pita breads – bio. 14 years old Gouda. 1 block Feta.
Shelve 3: 1 Brique du Forez (cheese). Sun dried tomatoes. Another Italian salami. Goats cheese from the market. Wastgota Kloster Svart (all I know it is Swedish cheese, bought in Ikea!). Tupperware top: Waitrose Cumberland pork sausages. Tupperware middle: home made tortilla (my work lunch). Tupperware bottom: GB smoked herring.
Shelve 4: Green asparagus. Tupperware: home made beetroot red wine chutney. Block Spanish ham. Ouwehand herring in vinegar (from Holland). Alvalle Gazpacho. 1 Maredsous 8°. 2 Old Jamaica ginger beers.
Shelve 5: 2x Original Jamon Serano. 2x Discovery (I think Waitrose as well) flour tortillas. Home made vegetable paste. Home made quinces jam.
Drawer left: Santa Lucia mozzarella. Drawer right: Colston Basset Blue Stilton (Waitrose again).

Moving on to the door.
Shelve 1: Home made strawberry jam. Hartley’s Olde English (thick cut marmalade). Home made sour cherry jam. Lingonsylt (again the same Swedes, same Ikea – lingonberry reduced sugar jam). GB Confit d’Oignon (onion jam).
Shelve 2: Body Shop Cooling Leg Gel (not used). Colmans mustard (remember this one?). Blue Dragon Sushi Ginger. Yeo’s Szechuan Kung Po Sauce. Amoy Lemon Sauce (really don’t like this one!).
Shelve 3: Colman’s Horseradish. Koch horseradish (Germany). Cottage Delight green chili pickle. DL Pita sauce. Delhaize Moutarde a l’Ancienne (old style mustard?). Kraft mayo (sans cholesterol svp!).
Shelve 4: Branston Original. Biere de Miel Bio (honey beer). Fresh milk (market). Fresh orange juice.

Anticipating – what about the vegetables? Yes, we do eat our veggies as well. No, they are not in the fridge. Now of course I wonder … ton frigo? What about a French round of ‘frigo tout nu’.

More recipes and beer.

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