Fifteen Amsterdam


logo Well, well. Fifteen Amsterdam.

The story so far

Ever since the overall Jamie Oliver craze (TV, books, restaurants, etc) I wanted to go to Fifteen. My initial aim was to go and eat at Fifteen London. Proximity, opportunity and budget made it possible to go and eat first at Fifteen Amsterdam. A long weekend in Amsterdam, biking along the canals, and dinner at Fifteen. A dream come true?

First impressions

Warehouse. Bar on the left. Trattoria on the right. Open kitchen behind. Restaurant in the back. What I was expecting was long ques, impossible reservations and dressed up diners. What we got was plenty of space (although it was difficult to find a bike-parking, oh so very Dutch!) and a laid back atmosphere of jeans/T-shirts/trainers mixed with make-up/dresses/high heels. All very cool, extremely friendly and with that certain buzz I like in restaurants. I almost expected Jamie Oliver to greet us and show us around.

The food
Well they say you can’t go wrong with Italian food. And they are right. We opted to eat in the Trattoria, located just in front of the open kitchen (an absolute delight to watch the chefs at work). The Trattoria menu is offering just enough choice of antipasti, mains and desserts to give an idea of what Fifteen can cook and serve.

anti pasti

Our choice was: the Fifteen Antipasti – a beautiful platter of Italian meats, spicy broccoli, pumpkin chutney, beet root with horseradish, buffallo mozarella and honey glazed fennel. What I found particularly nice about this dish was that the waitress took the time to explain each ingredient in detail so we knew exactly what we were tasting. Wonderful.


In a non-Italian style we skipped the primi, and dived right into the secondi. I had a delicious white wine, broad bean and peas risotto. Very smooth and silky, a real mealt in your mouth experience. My partner in crime had the shell fish stew with an absolutely delicious toasted bread with lime aioli. Delicious!


Being not quite full yet (remember we came on bikes – lots of calories got burned) we also had dessert. The special of the day was a semi freddo with strawberries, as fuzzily photographed above. A starter shared between the two of us, two mains and two desserts together with 3 glasses of wine each (suggestions of the day white and red) the bill came to a very round figure of 100euro (including tip).

Service with a smile

Yes, yes, and again yes. A restaurant like attitude, but without the ‘breathing-down-your-neck’ characteristic. Friendly and very informed staff, which when you have a lot of questions on the food is always welcomed.

The verdict

So very happy we went. I would most definitely recommend Fifteen Amsterdam, even (maybe?) more than Fifteen London. What you miss with the semi-stardom status of the London restaurant, you gain with the relaxed atmosphere, the great food, the great service and most of all – no waiting list! A little bit of Jamie Oliver magic dust … in Amsterdam.

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  • Alison

    oooh, I am jealous. I literally lived right across the Ij from fifteen for months (could see it from my window even) and never went. It was a combo of figuring we’d never get in and not knowing if it was worth the effort to try. Now I definetly want to go the next time I’m back in town!

  • Christophe

    Well Andreea, on nearly the same day as your visit to Jamie’s place in Holland, I was lucky enough to be invited by my beloved to the restaurant in the cellar of Fifteen Londen for my birthday. Oddly enough the whole place looked filled with couples celebrating anniversaries.
    We missed the man himself by a minute or so – we thought that was a standard excuse of the waiter for us naive tourists, but it was confirmed by the other celebrating couples.
    As for the food, lots of Italian dishes: bruscetta with Devonshire crab (nice but a bit heavy for a starter), linguini in some kind of Carbonara style (the less interesting dish), and an excellent bouillabaisse-like Sicilian fishermanโ€™s stew and finally tiramisu. All served with a very fine Australian Chardonnay as recommended by Jamie’s wine partner Matt Skinner. The service was not perfect – even missing an order – but very friendly. The restaurant is located in a lofty setting in an area of the city that is not particularly attractive, but I heard it will become quite fashionable.
    Good food, at a price that would be ok if in euros but in GB pounds that’s a bill you’d expect in a more refined cuisine with a Michelin star. Let’s say it’s the price you have to pay to be able to tell your friends you’ve been in a famous place ๐Ÿ™‚ and for helping a nice charity initiative.

  • I was at Fifteen Amsterdam with my husband for his birthday. We totally loved everything.
    We were there on a “Lazy Sunday” when in the afternoon they have kids come in and learn about food and cook or bake something.
    It was all just so Jamie O.