London Calling

… or as they say a parcel from London.Euro Blogging by Post. An event started a while ago, where (food) bloggers exchange food parcels across Europe. A lot of excitement throughout the food blogging scene. Who got what, did my parcel arrive, where is my parcel coming from? This time around (no.7) the event is organized by The Passionate Cook.

You can read all about the parcel I sent at SpittoonExtra. And here you can read all about the parcel I received. Being abroad for work it took a while till I got to pack out all the goodies. My package was sent by Jenni from Pertelote. A wonderful blog, a wonderfully delicious package. Filled with sweets and home made goodies, we are on a sugar high ever since.

The theme for EBBP 7 was childhood sweets. As Jenni explains sweets were not part of the everyday childhood diet (same here!) but the occasional treat made its way through on long car journeys. I laughed out loud at the Starbust story! Let me explain – I live with a Brit of a certain age (30+) and as Jenni explains these candies were known as Opal Fruits. Turns out when I showed Mark the Starbust he sorrowfully said ‘oh, Opal Fruits’ … (no comment!).

Other goodies: Cadbury chocolate eggs (I might live in the country of chocolate and beer, but I l-o-v-e Cadbury), a bag of organic trail mix which I will have as snack at work, green tomato chutney (yum), a delicious organic white chocolate with raspberry, absolutely addictive chili chocolates ( I am not sharing these ones!), and the surprise, organic mustard seeds. Why a surprise? I have never seen or used mustard seeds so my thinking hat needs to go on! Jenni already included some useful tips which I will make to sure to follow.

Besides these great treats, we also received home made cinnamon macaroons. All I can say: long live the ice cream maker! Delicious! (All the goodies)

Cute, cute, cute. I also adored the fact that Jenni wrapped every item in ‘recipes’ (pages torn from olive) – which just added to the whole foody inspirational moment. A tiny BBQ recipes book from olive also made its way to Brussels, so all we need now is some sun.

Oh, I can’t wait for the next EBBP!

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