Flat Cherry Pie

I simply love cherries. That deep red colour, the shape, the texture, everything about them. I think I could easily live off cherries. Every year around this time I can’t wait to dig my hand into a pile of cherries and pick the best ones. Of course I think they are overpriced, and I am probably not helping the planet either (does Belgium grow any cherries? All the cherries I come across are imported.) But I just can’t help it. I love cherries.

As kids we used to eat cherries all summer long (those were the days …), and as girls, we fought for the double ones to use them as earrings. Very stylish that! Does this sound completely strange, or is this a common custom across countries?

Back to my cherry pie though. The only drawback of cherries, is stoning them. Time consuming as it might be, necessary when baking a pie. At first I decided to go for the very French classic, the clafoutis. Tradition say that a clafoutis should be made with un-pitted cherries, so yey for me.

But not keeping in line with tradition and ingredients, I finally backed a very mix and match cherry pie. All fine if only I would have used self raising flour. Going my own route meant a wonderful pie came out of the oven only to go ‘pfff’ and flat 3 seconds later. I have never seen such a spectacular collapse of pie. You live and learn, and the pie still tasted pretty good although maybe just a little too compressed. Here it goes to show that mistakes do happen in all kitchens! Probably more often than I would usually admit it online 🙂

After coming clean with my cherry flop, do you have a kitchen mistake (disaster?) to share.

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