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Here is the thing about en papillote: very a la mode, I haven’t actually tried it so far chez moi. There is no reasonable explanation why, except that I somehow always though it would be either more complicated or more time consuming. It is neither nor.

En papillote – the term is already agreed on and adopted in all languages, although French. The word describes a method of cooking where the food is put into a wrap, and then baked. Basically your all day aluminum foil suddenly becomes the magical holder of food cooked en papillote.

Feeling adventurous (or maybe just craving the summer) I decided last night to cook fish en papillote. The thing about en papillote is that I don’t know if it used as a method for anything else than fish? I would love to know if you have any recipes on other foods cooked en papillote.

My fish, your seasonally recommended cod. I didn’t follow a written recipe as I would have most likely come across ingredients not available. I finely sliced a red onion into rings, some basil leaves, some cheery tomatoes, chili flakes, olive oil and the fish was ready to be ‘tucked in’. I used aluminum foil, two sheets crossed over each other to make sure not to lose any juices.

Not only was the fish delicious, but the whole en papillote operation took no longer than 20min, preparing and cooking. Which can only mean one thing: there will be a lot more en papillote served in our household. I am feeling adventurous. Do you have any favorite en papillote recipes? Now that I have discovered the joys of cooking this way, I would love to have some inspiration.

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  • TikiPundit

    “en papillote”

    The first time I had anything in this style was in a bar-resto in a small town on the boot heel of Italy in the early 1980s.

    It was spagetti marinara, cooked as one might expect, but then laid in foil, with a massive chunk of cheese in the middle, and baked.

    It was delivered still in the foil, on a plate.

    It was absolutely delicious, and cheerfully informal.

  • I have a great recipe for whole trout cooked en papillote with olives – must try to dig that out from the depths. Great blog btw – wish I’d seen it before I visited Brussels earlier this year! We had a fun dinner at In ‘T Spinnekopke 🙂

  • tiki, i like the sound of that one. hmm, chees in the middle? 🙂
    jeanne, i’ll need the recipe now. thanks for the blog. perhaps next time you visit brussels? in’t spinnekopke is a laugh indeed. worth the visit.