I thought they would be Belgian. Seems they are not. Still stroopwafels stay one of my favorite sweets. Simply delicious. Just crunchy enough, sweet enough, caramel, a perfect combination. If only they would not be such calorie filled bombs!And because I am on the subject of this Dutch delicacy, did anyone try to make stroopwafels at home? Successfully? If so I’d love to have a fool proof recipe. Dank u.

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  • Rosa’s Yummy Yums

    I’d also love to have a recipe for those gorgeous babies!!! I tasted one at a friend’s place and was blown off my feet!!! If I could buy those here, I’d buy a ton ;-P..

  • The TriniGourmet

    yum! they look like waffle cones 🙂 i wonder if they taste similar? 🙂

  • Daelmans Stroopwafel

    It’s good to know that you enjoy Hollands tastiest treat too! Find out what other people say about stroopwafels at



  • bea at la tartine gourmande

    oh yes, we used to eat so many of these with our Dutch friends living with us in Boston. You bring back fun memories of them falling in our tea (because do you know that you have to place them on top of your warm cup of tea or coffee so that the caramel melts a little?)

  • Andreea

    rosa i will let you know.
    trini, they are not as doughy as waffles.
    daelmans, loved the video.
    bea, i know the coffee trick. have never seen them served like that in Holland though (perhaps been to the wrong places!).

  • I always stock up at Schiphol. Starbucks in the UK sell them at obscene prices, I don’t know if this extends to North America.

  • Mike
  • M

    My absolute favorite cookies. I love eating them fresh at the markets in the Netherlands (you can smell them a mile away!). And I really like the ubiquitous Albert Heijn (Dutch supermarket) version–so cheap and really pretty good.

  • M, i found them fresh very heavy (but delicious). love the AH version as well a lot (where do you think the storage box came from?)

  • angela

    you can purchase bags of mini stroopwafels at trader joes!

  • Oh I LOVE them! Especially the way they get all gooey when you put them over a hot drink! YUM!


    ps: I send these to everyone I really like! 😉

  • ahmed magdy

    can anybody tell a place where i can get stroopwafels from london?please if anybody knows e mail me

  • Monsieur Giry

    Does anybody know where I can get the waffle irons to make these?

  • CarolQ

    Last time I was at Costco (Washington state) I saw these little lovers. You know how they are always changing products so I suggest checking ASAP. This was as of December, 2008.

  • Janneke

    for the waffles.
    500 grams flower
    250 grams melted butter
    150 grams White sugar
    50 grams gist
    a little of lookwarm milk
    an egg

    for the filling:
    500 grams syrop
    300 grams dark sugar
    75 grams butter
    one teaspoon of cinnamon

    I just translated, so hopefully you will understand:)

    • danielle

      Janneke, what is gist?

  • Patty

    There’s a company in Ohio that hand-bakes them. Even the big ones! Check out