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There is simply no way I can talk about Belgian products without talking about the Belgian beer. Problem is with the beer I have no idea where to begin. Which probably explains why I am keeping an entirely separate beer blog

But for the sake of Belgian products, let me talk a little about the beer. Beer is an institution in Belgium. Up to the point where some (!) will drink it for breakfast. I never understood that, but every morning there will be someone in the pub I pass by having that morning Stella. Weird? Tell me about it.

Belgium produces hundreds of beers. I will not going into the details. There are the fruit beers, the very, very strong beers, the gueuze, the trappiste ones, the seasonal ones, etc. There is a beer for every occasion, and a beer for every meal. There is a glass for every beer which I find extra-cute. We even have our very own little beer glass collection, just to impress visitors. And then of course serve them beer of unheard of strengths (8.5% anyone?).

Belgium would not be Belgium without the beer. Best way to go forward? Start with one and then take it from there. There are enough beers to last a lifetime and just when you think you have a good overview, Belgium will come up with a new beer. And so life goes on.

Of course, you knew I am going to ask this: which is your favorite Belgian beer?

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  • Leffe Blonde, beer of abbey. Delicious!

  • ABN

    Awesome new look for the blog! But what will be the difference with the old one?

  • Difference with old one (oh, thanks for the awesome!) – all posts are now together, be it food in general, recipes, and restaurant reviews. The only blog I kept separate is the Belgian Beer one at Plus it is a pretty cool new look, eh? 🙂

  • ABN

    Oh sorry!
    I thought this was a new belgian beer blog, and that’s what made me wonder what the difference would be with the old one, but now I see this is a sort of “best of belgian food” which in this edition is dedicated to belgian beer.
    The original belgian beer blog is a great idea, will we ever reach all 400, 500, 600+ belgian beers? It’s like a real but neverending ojbective that constantly gets pushed further away!

  • jjj

    vedette – belgian beer? wel, it is belgian, but…. I would understand if you had posted pictures of Kwak, or of Duvel etc… but Vedette…..

  • In no particular order, here are several top-notch Belgian ales with which one simply must enjoy several of before they die:

    • Dubuisson Scaldis
    • Affligem Tripel (brewery in operation since 1074 A.D.)
    • Chimay Cinq Cents (the white label)
    • Delirium Tremens
    • Orval Trappist Ale
    • Duvel (of course)
    • Piraat


  • jjj – i know, i know. but good photo 🙂 check out my beer blog at you’ll get the picture.
    brett – thanks for this. amazingly, i don’t know them all so will have to look out for them! (like the drama of ‘before you die’)

  • Belgium is the best- the food, the beer, the people, everything!!! My husband and I are opening a brewery, and are planning to do Belgian style beers. Check us out-

  • Hard to say what my favorite Belgian beers are, there are so many great ones! I’ll try…

    Saison Dupont
    Drie Fonteinen Oude Gueuze
    Abbaye Des Rocs
    Gouden Carolus Cuvee Van De Keizer
    St. Bernardus Abt 12

    I could keep on going, lots of great beers to explore.

  • patrick, no idea about the pannepot. you see, so many beers to discover 🙂
    (duvel just knocks me out! love it, but it knocks me out.)

  • phrage

    Cantillon Rose de Gambrinus