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There is simply no way I can talk about Belgian products without talking about the Belgian beer. Problem is with the beer I have no idea where to begin. Which probably explains why I am keeping an entirely separate beer blog

But for the sake of Belgian products, let me talk a little about the beer. Beer is an institution in Belgium. Up to the point where some (!) will drink it for breakfast. I never understood that, but every morning there will be someone in the pub I pass by having that morning Stella. Weird? Tell me about it.

Belgium produces hundreds of beers. I will not going into the details. There are the fruit beers, the very, very strong beers, the gueuze, the trappiste ones, the seasonal ones, etc. There is a beer for every occasion, and a beer for every meal. There is a glass for every beer which I find extra-cute. We even have our very own little beer glass collection, just to impress visitors. And then of course serve them beer of unheard of strengths (8.5% anyone?).

Belgium would not be Belgium without the beer. Best way to go forward? Start with one and then take it from there. There are enough beers to last a lifetime and just when you think you have a good overview, Belgium will come up with a new beer. And so life goes on.

Of course, you knew I am going to ask this: which is your favorite Belgian beer?

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